15 Second Teasers – Submitted to the Christian Worldview Film Festival

Garritt Hampton

We recently submitted the Schoolhouse Rocked official trailer to the Christian Worldview Film Festival. In addition to the trailer they require two 15 second videos and a few screen shots to be submitted. The 15 second teasers turned out to be pretty concise summaries of two of the topics covered in the trailers, so I figured I would share them here.

Schoolhouse Rocked 15 Second Teaser #1

Schoolhouse Rocked 15 Second Teaser #2


Schoolhouse Rocked 15 Second Teaser #1
(Connie Albers)
That’s what the homeschool journey is about. It’s about being there with your kids. It’s about understanding who they are, and what calling does God have on their life.
(Bryan Osborne)
One of the best ways to do that is through homeschooling.

Schoolhouse Rocked 15 Second Teaser #2
(Andrew Pudewa) I, for one, was a child who was pretty much always just painfully bored in school.And you couldn’t work ahead, you couldn’t do anything other than what everybody else was doing. It was like life started when school ended.

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