Andrew Kern – “Seek ye First the Kingdom of God”

Garritt Hampton/ January 18, 2018

Andrew Kern – “Seek ye First the Kingdom of God”

“I’ve learned one thing through homeschooling and through interacting with homeschoolers. I’ve learned this very deeply, and that is, that moms especially I think, but parents generally, what they really want to see happen in their children is for them to become wise and virtuous, but they’re scared. Parents, I find are scared. They’re afraid that if they focus on wisdom and virtue – or they don’t think of it that way – “If I do that what’s gonna happen to my child in terms of just succeeding, just getting getting by in this world? Are they going to eat well? How do you feed yourself on wisdom?” Well, read Proverbs 8. Wisdom is better than rubies, and whatever you can buy with rubies you can buy a hundred times with wisdom, but the difference is you know whether you should or not, and that and that’s a pretty significant thing. So what I’ve learned is moms and dads they want wise and virtuous children and we’re trying to we’re trying to encourage them that that if you “seek first the kingdom of God and His Justice – His righteousness – these things really are added. God will look after the the petty things which relatively speaking, they are.” – Andrew Kern, Circe Institute

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