Believing Lies

Believing lies

Several years ago I tried doing one of my husband’s chores. I failed. I didn’t have strong enough muscles to even start. Because of that, I didn’t try. When he mentioned me helping, I told him I couldn’t. I wasn’t strong enough. I believed it wasn’t possible. It kept me from trying. Fast forward a few years and my husband realized when he did that job, a migraine followed.

What chore? Mowing the yard. I couldn’t start the lawn mower, so I didn’t try. My husband enjoys doing yard work, so it wasn’t a concern of mine. Until the migraines came. Masks didn’t work. The kids and I decided it was time to step in and help. But I still waited. Until the weeds were almost knee high, I put it off. The day came when I couldn’t stand the weeds anymore. I decided it was time to try. Without any problems, I started the mower. I’m not gonna lie, it was a physically demanding task. I had to cry out to Jesus a few times for endurance. In my exhausted state, I heard him speak words of encouragement and wisdom

What other lies are holding me back?

Truth is, I’m a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. I could’ve been helping all this time, but a lie held me captive to inaction. I’m not as strong (physically) as I would like to be, but there’s a gap between reality and the image I hold in my head. Sometimes that gap puts me in an worse situation, like that time I didn’t think I could homeschool high school so we joined a co op… and everyone got burnt out. Or the time I asked my husband to help the kids with math because I couldn’t do it, only to realize I DID know the answers? What other areas am I shortchanging myself?

Weeds creep with lies

The noticeable weeds – the ones almost knee high – are easy to spot. But as I walked the yard, I noticed how much other weeds had taken over. I remembered the last time we were out shopping that my husband mentioned needing weed and feed. Once I looked closer, I was a bit shocked at the overgrowth. They had taken over! When we don’t catch the small issues, they creep in and overtake our heart. Just like the weeds.


When I look over my yard, I feel proud. That feeling alone makes the physical effort worth it. What feels even better is that it still looks great, even after several days! Not like the house…

What task have you put off because you don’t think you can do it? Why not try? Getting out the lawn mower and trying cost me nothing, but it gave me so much! I learned some truths about myself and blessed my husband. Maybe I’ll tackle the gardens next. Or maybe Algebra…

Written by Kimberly Vogel of the Thinking and Learning Center and Kimberly A. Vogel