Facebook Live with Sam Sorbo and Yvette Hampton on the set of Schoolhouse Rocked

Garritt Hampton/ February 2, 2018

Facebook Live with Sam Sorbo and Yvette Hampton

As has been the case so many times during the production of Schoolhouse Rocked, God showed his mighty power in working out the details to allow us to interview Sam Sorbo. We have wanted to include Sam in the movie since we started filming, but until this weekend we had not had the opportunity. Sam and her family live in California, so interviewing her would have required flying across the country, but this past week Sam and her family were in Florida, while her husband Kevin was filming for an upcoming movie. This meant that rather than having to fly across the country we could drive a few hours and meet with her, but in the midst of the week, Sam was also speaking at the Educational Policy Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. This meant that we would have a few hours with her, between her flying back to Florida and leaving for California the next day. This proved to be plenty of time, as we were able to film a great interview with Sam and get to spend some time getting to know her lovely family.

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sam, she is a homeschool mom and author of They’re Your Kids and Teach from Love. She is also a talented actress who just co-wrote and produced her first film, Let There Be Light.

For those of you who happened to be watching and Sunday evening, you may have seen us broadcast live on Facebook, as we wrapped up our interview. Yvette and Sam had a great time and the video was excellent, but we realized shortly after broadcasting that we had inadvertently advertised the fact that her family was away from their home in California (this is know in the industry as the “come rob us” post). We quickly deleted the video, as Facebook has no way to hide or download a live video post, which unfortunately meant that the excellent original video was gone forever. Luckily, we were rolling a second camera during the live broadcast, but it was slightly out of focus, and was behind the laptop which was taking care of the live feed.

Learn more about Sam at SamSorbo.com

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