Garritt and Yvette on the Life as a Lifeschooler Podcast

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Garritt and Yvette recently appeared on the Life as a Lifeschooler podcast with Danielle Papageorgiou. Danielle hosts the Wings Lifeschooling Conference in the Matthews, North Carolina, which we attended in July. The conference was fantastic, and we were able to hear many great leaders in homeschooling and in the lifeschooling movement, which Danielle defines as, “the process of discovering your child’s God-given gifts and talents through real life experiences that happen within the context of your family’s unique situations and missions”, including Dr. Mary Hood, Dr. Richard Land, Rhea Perry, David and Jason Benham, Kevin Swanson, and Christopher and Heather Schwarzen.

As often as we can, we encourage homeschool families to attend homeschool conventions and conferences. We have found these events to be a great way to get equipped and reenergized, and to see that there are multitudes of families like yours out there, trying to do a great job at training their children. The Wings Lifeschooling Conference has been a standout among the conferences we have attended. We loved the speakers, and found all of them to be extremely approachable and friendly. We were happy to make some great new friends and connections at the conference, and as a result, found ourselves at Rhea Perry’s Home Business Conference the next month.