Garritt Hampton on the Hebrew Nation Radio Morning Show

Garritt was recently a guest on the 3Wise Guys morning show on Hebrew Nation Radio. Over an hour of the 1 1/2 show was spent talking about homeschooling, and Garritt was on for an hour (which went by really fast!). The following is an edited version that focuses on homeschooling. Garritt comes in at around 18 minutes.

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In talking about his and Yvette’s early reluctance to homeschool, he addressed the myth of the “unsocialized homeschooler”.

“Honestly, we were worried about that social awkwardness, and we just thought, going into it, that if your kids are at home with you all day they won’t have opportunities to interact with other people and they’ll come out weird. We didn’t realize, going into it, that that just wasn’t the way homeschooling was. There are so many opportunities to interact with other kids. Our kids, in fact, have been involved in a co-op for several years and they’re able to get together with other kids a day a week and play and learn great classical stuff, and memorize, and recite, and speak in public, and that’s been great for them. The the myth of the unsocialized homeschooler is just that. It’s a myth. It’s not based in reality. The other thing we realized though, was that some of that reservation was just vanity on our part, and the idea of raising a kid who was different seamed distasteful to us at first. But the truth is, as Christians, we really are needing to raise up kids who are different from what the public school system is turning out. And so, as we started to look at our own prejudices we realized it’s okay to be different from what’s out there. It’s okay to have kids who are well-spoken, and well mannered, and can interact with adults, and are intelligent, and can speak in public, and stand for their faith, and so we embrace some of that difference.”