Jack of all trades, master of one.

What are those camera guys doing, don’t they know I need another shot!  This has been said at least 1,000 times in our office and it’s not really the camera guys fault.  We live and work in an industry that is face paced and deadline driven, a lot of times you only get one chance to capture a scene. My main role in the production workflow these days is editing and directing but I spent years in the field shooting.  After working in all parts of the production world I found that learning the workflow and basics of each area in the field is important. When you are first learning the art of film making I encourage you to at least learn a little bit about each step of the process.  If I know about editing, I will be a better cameraman, if I understand camera work I can help direct the guys in the field and editors to help reach the message of the film.  You don’t have to be the best at all of the trades but having a general understanding of each step will help you grow and become better at what you are good at.

Mark Crews

Producer – Director – Video Editor – Cinematographer – Content Creator