Passive Income = Financial Freedom

Mark Crews/ Business and Entrepreneurship, Video Production

Working in the creative industry sometimes you are dependent on clients or fundraising. Finding alternate revenue streams is a great way to sustain your lifestyle and support yourself and your family. Taking small jobs is one way to help supplement between bigger projects but you still have to get those projects lined up and do the work. One great option I have found is selling stock footage, and the great news is demand for video content is at an all-time high and continues to grow. There are many agencies out there selling stock and trying to upload to all of them to get the broadest distribution for your footage is very time-consuming. I found a great resource that allows you to collaborate with actors, curators, and editors, it is BlackBox. They help creative professionals create passive income so that you can have financial freedom.
The key to success is to shoot what you have around you, upload, and repeat. I am currently helping my 11 year old son start shooting and building his own stock footage library.

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Mark Crews

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