So Many Choices, The World of Video Editing Software

Because homeschooling allows and encourages students to pursue their passions, a new generation of highly-skilled filmmakers are using their gifts to impact the world through video and media. Film and video are incredibly powerful ways influence culture, so we want to provide excellent resources for homeschoolers to build these skills.

While filmmaking and video production require a host of skills, one of the most basic and fundamental is the ability to edit video. In today’s world of NLE (non-linear editors) there are so many options for video editors to choose from. When I started editing video we were using tape-to-tape machines, then I had the opportunity to edit on an Avid, Media 100, Final Cut Pro v 1.0, Adobe and Resolve. Although each platform has its strong points once you learn to use them, the basic workflow and tools are the same in each program. For editing and motion graphics we use Adobe products, when we need more color grading tools we use Resolve. In this day and age we have an amazing toolset that we get to choose.

Even if you only have access to least expensive tools (iMovie for the Mac and HitFilm Express for Windows are some really great free video editors) don’t worry. These are still incredibly powerful tools. Master the tools you have. Watch great films and begin to analyze what makes the edit work. Work on your technical skill and begin to develop the timing and artistry of a great video editor and eventually you will be able to transfer those skills to you next editing platform.

Mark Crews

Producer – Director – Video Editor – Cinematographer – Content Creator