Top 5 Homeschool Posts of 2018

What a year it has been! We have been blessed with some EXCELLENT guest posts on the Schoolhouse Rocked Blog, and homeschooling families have responded. In 2018, just our top 5 most popular blog posts were shared over 1000 times on Facebook alone!  In case you missed them, here are the Top 5 posts of 2018.

#1 – What I Wish I Knew Early in Our Homeschool Journey, by Katie Glennon

What I wish I knew early in our homeschool journey.“Now that we have graduated both our boys and they are now in college and doing extremely well. This is what I wish I knew early in our homeschool journey, that I know now…

… that some of the most important lessons learned were unplanned and unexpected and came through living life.

… that it would be so fascinating and exciting to give my children the freedom to explore their What I wish I knew early in our homeschool journey.personal interests and talents, especially during the middle and high school years. And then see them take flight and accomplish things I could never have imagined or knew existed.”

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#2 – 6 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Homeschooling, by Lara Molettiere

homeschooling lessons“If you’re considering homeschooling or you’ve only just begun, I want you to be encouraged.

These things that I wish I had known before we started on this incredible journey are hard. In our first couple of years, my visions of peaceful, joyful, perfect school days were often painfully replaced with reality. But now I have learned, and continue to learn, the truth about homeschooling.

The truth is, it’s the most exhausting, beautiful, stretching, and rewarding adventure that looks nothing like I thought it would but is actually so very much better. With a little bit of experience under my belt, it is time to pass along some wisdom I wish someone had passed along to me all those years ago, in hopes that you’ll be more prepared as you forge ahead on this beautiful calling.”

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#3 – 3 Things to do When Homeschooling During a Crisis, by Angel Pennyman

homeschooling during a crisis“As homeschoolers, we are fortunate to be raising our children in a flexible learning environment. While we do have to ensure accurate attendance, we don’t have to be burdened by the stress and pressure of a public or private school system’s attendance protocol. This is something that I will admit that I have had to get used to.

In times of crisis, focus on what you need to do rather that what you may want to do. The work will be there when it is a better time for you to pick it back up. And you know, some days that may involve just being present with your family. These are the times when you will be focusing more on teaching life and coping skills than math facts and that is okay.”

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#4 – 5 Reasons to Homeschool Through High School, by Katie Glennon

“When deciding to homeschool, only some parents make the decision to homeschool through highschool as early as 5 years old. A larger number of parents want to “see how it goes”. When we started out, we put that decision in the Lord’s hands and decided to see where we were at when the time came.

It turned out, we decided to homeschool through high school. And, it turned out to be the best decision we ever made. Below are 5 reasons we found to homeschool through the high school years:”

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#5 – Turn Your Thoughts into Prayer, by Annie Boyd

“Screech… my Pollyanna thoughts come to an abrupt halt as reality sets in. I remember long division! I remember perfectly planned group times that are met with children who are not interested in history or geography or anything and refuse to pay attention. I remember the tears and whining, not just from the kids. I know there have been unmet expectations in years past. I know from experience that when I try to manufacture a perfect year in my strength, I quickly get discouraged and tired.

I turn to God’s Word. Jesus tells us so many times, “Do not fear.” He says to take my thoughts captive. An older, wiser woman taught me that taking thoughts captive doesn’t mean trying to turn them into positive thoughts. Instead, she told me to take each fearful thought and turn it into a prayer. That’s the best, most effective way she’s found to “taking her thoughts captive.” I love that there is an action I can take”

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Can’t get enough? Keep reading with a bonus article from Jennifer Duncan.

I hope that you have been encouraged and equipped by the great articles by our guest bloggers this year. We look forward to much more excellent homeschooling content in the year to come. If you have post suggestions or questions, please drop us a note here and we will try to address them in the blog or on The Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on the excellent articles in 2019.

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Bonus – Our Unexpected Homeschool Journey, by Jennifer Duncan

“I can’t say that the past 14 years have been easy or smooth, but honestly, what parenting Unexpected homeschool journey is? As parents, we are raising our children to be able to take on challenges, learn from mistakes, and do whatever they can to make a difference.

Those are not things that come easily. Homeschooling encompasses all of this. I like to describe it as “parenting with academics thrown in.” Again, this does not come easily. It is, however, worth it in every way.”

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