Wallbuilders Live!

Eight years ago, Yvette and I were at our first homeschool convention trying to make heads or tails of this whole homeschooling thing. We had said for years that we would never homeschool, yet here we were considering it. The keynote speaker at that homeschool convention was Rick Green, a former homeschooler and Texas state representative, and host of the Wallbuilders Live! radio show. He made a huge impact on us that day, and we left that convention convinced that homeschooling was for our family.

Today, we were blessed to appear on Wallbuilders Live! We were privileged to be able to discuss what God is doing with Schoolhouse Rocked and through homeschooling.

“This is not an exaggeration to say, this is the movement that is needed to save this country. These kids in public schools are not getting the civics, they’re not getting the things they need to be patriots, to be good citizens, to keep our nation from going down the road to socialism, and all the things that we know are bad. The homeschool community is a critical part of this movement in raising up this remnant of young leaders.” – Rick Green

“And there was a time even I remember very clearly when homeschooling was a fringe movement, literally. They were arresting parents who were daring to homeschool their children. I remember the big standoff at a church in Nebraska where that a bunch of homeschool parents took refuge inside a church and the officials coming to arrest all the homeschool parents.

So, there was a time even 25 years ago when this was not tolerated in America. This was fringe. But today is a whole different thing. It is now part of mainstream. Nearly two million children are being homeschooled at this point, six million in private schools. There is a huge philosophical rift occurring on what students should know and they’re not getting it right now public education. Informed citizenry is coming out.” – David Barton