The Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast is Coming!

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The Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast is coming soon and we have asked you, our faithful homeschool revolutionaries for your questions, topic suggestions, and guest requests. You have come through in a big way! Below are some of the great requests and suggestions we have gotten so far. We can’t wait to start tackling these on the podcast.

If you haven’t already gotten your request in, do it here and be entered into our contest for a great summer prize, 100 Backyard Activities, by Colleen Kessler! – ENTER THE CONTEST HERE!

Here’s a sampling from our first batch of suggestions. Don’t wait. Get yours in today and be entered to win.

”Andrew Pudawa”
”Charlotte Mason homeschool”
”Scheduling school with multiple kiddos so they each have time with you”
“Realistically getting the kids to do nature journaling – It sounds amazing, but once we get outside, we just all go nature wild and nobody wants to sit down and paint! Also, highlighting the various methods of homeschooling – classical, unschool, CM, TJEd, etc. A different podcast for each method/philosophy would be fun!”
”How to entertain younger siblings while older sibling is doing school with mom”
”Homeschool groups, not co-ops”
”Homeschooling with babies and toddlers”
”Organizational tips, how to balance homeschooling and all other household obligations, tips and tricks for toddlers underfoot while homeschooling, self-care while homeschooling ”
”Homeschooling boys”
”Homeschooling in a large family; more Andrew Kern talks ”
”Christopher Perrin. Betsy DeVos. History of Education in America: from Puritans to Pioneers to Postmoderns”
”Biblical worldview”
”Practical suggestions for simplifying and streamlining the homeschool day. ”
”Planning for a new school year”
”Homeschooling while caring for aging parents”
”How do you motivate the daydreamer to buckle down and complete their assignments quickly but well so that they can have more free time to pursue their passions? Do we just have to nag? ”
”Managing time ”
”How do I determine my child/student’s reading level?”
”Homeschooling students with special needs”
”maybe a topic or guest to consider is finding people of color who ARE homeschooling. i was super encouraged at the Ft. Worth HS convention when Andrew Kern mentioned we need to encourage us to homeschool! Being Hispanic myself, I agree.”
”Terri Maxwell or Sara McKenzie for guests, topic: schooling multiple ages and stages”
”Homeschool tips when living overseas where little to no homeschool community excites!? How to raise social kids then? How to not only hang out with believers but make your kids gave unbelieving friends??”
”How to homeschool without going crazy!”
”Time management”
”With so many extracurriculars and classes for homeschoolers, how to say no and focus on the essentials”
”Back to basics: what to do when it’s not working?”
”When you need to correct the incorrect, be it in schoolwork or behavior, how do you make it positive or constructive? I came from a house that focused on what you did wrong and I am not sure how to engage more positively.”
”HSLDA guest”
”Importance of outdoor play”
”Genuine peace during homeschool days”
”Starting to homeschool with littles when your oldest is still little. 5, 3, 1. ”
”What notebooks to introduce when in a CM education (Book of Centuries, book of commons, science journal, geography, written narrations etc.) have them all integrated into one beautiful book, or separate them into topics?”
”I would love to hear more about homeschooling a child with ADHD and dyslexia. ”
”Sarah Mackenzie”
”Leigh Bortins”
”When your spouse isn’t on board for homeschooling”
”Dealing with (homeschool) doubters”
”Erin Barry – Yes You Can Homeschool author – Great encouragement for Podcast”
”Topic suggestion: Homeschool Freedom vs. Homeschool Regulation”
”How to homeschool with toddlers around, curriculum reviews, book lists, pros and cons of co ops, staying motivated, how to encourage new homeschoolers, advice from seasoned homeschoolers, reassurance that everything does not have to go as planned, ”
”Keeping the kids positive through the endurance of hard work! Perspective and attitude!”
”Latin! ”
”Learning through field trips”
”Balancing work and wonder”
”Amy Atkins from Sunshine and Oranges dot com”
”How to take care of the homeschool mom’s soul!!  🙂  ”
“I would love to hear from Andrew Kern or Dr. Christopher Perrin or Susan Wise Bauer on the topic of Classical pedagogy in a homeschool unit study with multiple aged kids (my boys are ages 6 and 9). I would like to do most of our science with both boys together. What other subjects/topics work well with multiple ages? How do I teach Classically & effectively with multiple ages?  Thank you! “
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