Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution is coming to a theater near you! The purpose of this feature-length documentary is to encourage and equip homeschool families to succeed. The film features the advice and perspective of education experts, curriculum developers, college and university faculty and administrators, and homeschooling families. Schoolhouse Rocked will present a realistic picture of modern homeschooling, dispel many myths, and share the successes and struggles of real homeschool families to give viewers the tools and encouragement they need to start strong and finish well.


Join the Revolution!

Schoolhouse Rocked is currently in post-production, but there is still much to do and we need your help to finish it and to get the word out. You can support Schoolhouse Rocked by becoming a Backstage Pass Member or by making a tax deductible donation. Your support will allow us to provide this great resource to families considering homeschooling for the first time, to moms struggling with feelings of inadequacy, working hard to balance family responsibilities and school time, and to students wondering if they are missing out by not attending public or private schools. Your contribution will help break down the resistance of reluctant family members and friends who don’t understand or support homeschooling, and will help to provide the tools needed to train up the next generation of leaders and world-changers.


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Schoolhouse Rocked - Bronze Oxen, Homeschool Movie Producer