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There’s a Revolution Transforming Education and it’s NOT Happening in the Classroom!

This documentary will will impact millions of lives by…
• Encouraging families who aren’t yet homeschooling to dive in!
• Bringing much needed reassurance to current homeschool families so they will stay the course.
• Breaking down the misconceptions and negative stereotypes that many people believe about homeschooling.

Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution is a feature-length documentary currently in post-production. We are asking the homeschool community, and supporters of this movement, to partner with us in spreading the message that homeschooling is good for students, good for families, and good for culture by bringing Schoolhouse Rocked to theaters nationwide.

The film is intended to break down common misconceptions about homeschooling, encourage a flood of new families to homeschool, and equip those already homeschooling to do it well. The film follows host, Yvette Hampton, as she travels the country with her family, meeting other homeschoolers and education experts in an effort to learn the secrets of successful homeschooling and to tell the story of the millions of people who have been impacted by the homeschool revolution. As viewers follow Yvette on this journey and share in her challenges and victories, they will gather the necessary resources and encouragement to homeschool with excellence — to start strong and finish well!


Schoolhouse Rocked is being directed by Garritt Hampton, a movie industry veteran with credits on some of the biggest films of the last decade (films like Interstellar, Furious 7, TRON: Legacy, and GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra).  It is being produced by his wife Yvette, whose ninja-like organizational skills and outgoing personality make her the perfect host and producer. Garritt and Yvette have been homeschooling their daughters since 2011 and are outspoken advocates for this revolution in education.

But the project is much bigger than them. All along, Schoolhouse Rocked has been a project of the homeschooling community! Click here to support this important project.

Join us in providing this great resource to families considering homeschooling for the first time, to moms struggling with feelings of inadequacy, parents working hard to balance family responsibilities and school time, and to students wondering if they are missing out by not attending public or private schools.

While we are asking you to donate, we really want to build a partnership with you in this important endeavor. As a supporter, you will receive regular project updates, and we will call on you to spread the word about the film. There is still much to do. We will work to finish the film with excellence, so that together we can fill theaters and share Schoolhouse Rocked in your community.

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