Bronze Oxen

Bronze Oxen Films Logo

One of the preliminary steps in making our movie was establishing a production company. Our family went to the LA County Recorder’s office to file our DBA and happily published our fictitious name statement in the least expensive newspaper we could find. We named our production company Bronze Oxen.

Why Bronze Oxen? 2 Chronicles 4:4. When Solomon was building and furnishing the temple he had an enormous “sea” (a doughboy pool-sized water vessel) built of bronze. Where much sacrificial blood would be spilled, much cleansing water would be necessary. The sea stood on twelve bronze oxen.

Aaron had caused the Israelites to fall in idolatry by making a golden calf for them to worship (Exodus 32:4), yet Solomon constructed 12 large bronze oxen for the temple where the God of Israel – the God of all creation – would be worshiped. This illustrated that it was not the object (a big metal cow) that was the idol, but the inclination of the peoples’ hearts and the intended use of the object.

We work in a “graven image making” (Exodus 20:4) industry. The name Bronze Oxen reminds us to work for the glory of God rather than in the production of worthless idols. We pray that he will enable us to do it.

You can view our Statement of Faith here.