• Can you tell me what the “vibe” of the documentary is? The preview looked like it was of the mind that homeschooling is the best option for educating all children. Is that the belief of the producers and the angle of the film?

As far as the “vibe” of the project goes, Schoolhouse Rocked is a pro-homeschooling movie. It is not an anti-public school, anti-private school, anti-government, anti-vaccine, or anti-anything else movie. We believe that homeschooling is a GREAT option for many families, but we are not making a movie to shame viewers for their educational choices. Also, we know that not every family is in a place where they can homeschool their kids. We want to present homeschooling as a great option and break down the myths, misconceptions, and negative stereotypes that keep many families from ever considering homeschooling in the first place.

Unfortunately, in a trailer or crowdfunding video there is only a small window of time to tell a compelling story and you just can’t give a complete picture of what the movie will be. In this crowdfunding video we tried to present the reasons why we and many other families don’t feel like public school is the right choice for us, but every family has a different story, which is why Millions of families have chosen to homeschool and the movement is growing rapidly.

In our case, we NEVER thought we would homeschool, but we felt our hand was forced by the extremely bad public school options in our area. Now, we are HUGE advocates for homeschooling, because we have seen the incredible benefits it offers, including flexibility and freedom to tailer you children’s education to their strengths and to the values and beliefs of your family.

    • Are there representatives from all faiths and backgrounds represented in your interviews? I think it’s so important to show the wide spectrum of families who choose to homeschool and their myriad reasons for doing so.
      In Schoolhouse Rocked we present homeschooling as a great opportunity for STUDENTS and FAMILIES – not just for (insert your choice of narrow people group here). We have tried to represent a pretty wide swath of the homeschooling world in the film. Our cast is made up of many (but not all) Christians. This is representative of the wider homeschooling community, as Christians make up around 2/3 of the community, by some estimates, but there are several cast members who represent other faith backgrounds, including secular homeschoolers. Much of the content of the film is just HOMESCHOOLING – why it works, what the benefits are, how to do it well, how to deal with different challenges (single parents, learning difficulties, health challenges, costs, etc.), and what the end result looks like (college, graduation,work life, business, life, etc.).

That said, we (Yvette and Garritt) are committed Christians and our beliefs and values will necessarily shape the final outcome of the film. We love that homeschooling allows us to transmit our values to our children and that we are able to integrate God’s Word into every aspect of their learning. This message will absolutely show up in the film, as it has been echoed by so many of the cast members.

This is a one of the MAIN benefits of homeschooling, and families of every background should recognize that all education reflects a worldview (there is no such thing as morally or ethically neutral education). Every student will be impacted by the beliefs and values of their teachers. In homeschooling, the values of the home and the beliefs of the parents become central in the education of their children. This is true whether those values are secular humanism, environmentalism, socialism, progressivism, Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, or Christianity.