Here’s what people are saying about Schoolhouse Rocked.

“I’ve been concerned for decades with the effect the public education system is having on our nation’s youth. And it has only gotten worse in recent years. Our precious children (and grandchildren) are much too important to entrust to a system that seeks to indoctrinate them with the radical ideology of the Left. Schoolhouse Rocked is excellent and a wonderful testimony to the growing popularity of home schooling and the superior education that it provides young people.”Dr. James Dobson

Schoolhouse Rocked will rock your educational world to the foundations and give you and your kids great hope for the future! The old-school paradigm has proven broken and a new way of learning is here. Don’t miss this important film!” – Kirk Cameron, Actor and Producer

“We believe homeschooling is critically important if we are to save our republic and the Christian family and church.”  Kirk Cameron, Actor and Producer

“This is not an exaggeration to say, this is the movement that is needed to save this country.” – Rick Green, Wallbuilders

“This film really addresses the fears and misconceptions many have when first considering homeschooling. A timely message for families seeking educational options for their children.” – Victoria

“Schoolhouse Rocked is the movie this confused, convicted, unconfident mother wishes had been available to watch from the first moment I considered homeschooling.  This film addresses most every area of doubt and insecurity that a Christian parent faces when tossing around the idea of exiting the public school system.  It lays those doubts to rest and I walked away feeling a renewed joy and confidence that homeschooling is the RIGHT choice and we CAN do this!  Thank you for your hard work.  I can’t wait to share and educate those around me using this film as a wonderful resource!” – Heather 

“The film was great! I watched it twice and loved it both times.  It was great to hear from some of the homeschool pioneers and what they went through to get the freedoms we have today.  I know making this film was a risk for your family.  Thank you for being brave!  It was well worth it!” – Jenny

“Seriously, y’all have created something amazing here. I’m so excited to be able to share it!” – Alison

“Thank you all for this labor of love!  So excited to see what God will do through this movie and how it impacts generations to come.” – Holly

“I wish I had seen this when my oldest daughter was starting school. It would have saved us five years of struggling with the public school system. All the issues addressed were the ones I expressed when my husband wanted to homeschool right away and I said no. Now I know I can.” – Carrie

“As a homeschool mom going into year 4 and really questioning what I’m doing, this film was great at giving me a renewed sense of “I can do this.” – Christina

“You guys did an amazing job! I couldn’t agree more with everything that was stated, and it helped to solidify why I’m continuing this homeschool journey. Thank you for putting this out there! The nation will be blessed because of it.” – Tanya

“Overall, the film was wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to produce this film! It gives a great overview of how awesome homeschooling can be! I look forward to showing this to friends and family!” – Stephanie

“Great job on such a wonderful film! I can’t wait to share it with my readers and friends. SO many need to hear this message of encouragement and inspiration. Thank you for putting it all together in such a wonderful way.” – Veronica

“I just thank God for y’all. You’re an inspiration, and I loved how the film made me feel like I was going on the adventure with your family! Also – what a great group of speakers you included… I really liked how there were so many big names and familiar faces, and also others less well-known (at least to me). It was an exciting and encouraging movie. Thank you so much for all you’ve poured into it!” – Karly

“I just want to thank YOU for making such a tremendous film!!!  God bless you for your work and mission in making this video.  I’m confident it will bless many!” – Lindsay

“We loved the movie and watched it with our children.  It left us encouraged in our choice to homeschool, as well as gave us confidence that we are not “messing” up our children’s education or socialization!!” – Danielle

“Thank you for the time, energy, and passion you have poured into this project. It will be a great resource for those already homeschooling and hopefully encourage others to consider it as a viable option for their family. Parents need to know that they CAN homeschool and that God will absolutely equip them!” – Sonya

“I was tearing up at the end of this film being reminded that my children are GIFTS from the Lord. I never want to abdicate my role and responsibility as their Mama. I cannot wait to share this film with everyone once it is released!!” – Amber

“Homeschooling is the revolution! Schools across America are engineering the socialist takeover of our great nation. It is my prayer that people will be so moved by this movie that it will encourage them to take control of their children’s education.” – Lori

“Thank you so much! The movie was fantastic!!! I was blessed and encouraged by your work and look forward to watching Schoolhouse Rocked again soon!” – Laura

“Thank you! I am honored to have had the chance to have gotten to screen this movie. I think it will have a huge impact for the kingdom when parents realize that homeschool is an immensely valuable alternative to public school, and that they are absolutely qualified in God’s strength to accomplish the task He has given them- to raise and educate our children for His glory.” – Melanie

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