Here’s what people are saying about Schoolhouse Rocked.

“We believe homeschooling is critically important if we are to save our republic and the Christian family and church.”  Kirk Cameron, Actor and Producer

“This is not an exaggeration to say, this is the movement that is needed to save this country.” Rick Green, Wallbuilders

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing what you guys are doing [making Schoolhouse Rocked]. Thank you for your boldness, joy, and peace while striving to build this love of learning and encouragement to other parents who are homeschooling and wanting to homeschool!” Danielle (Montana)

“I have been praying for this endeavor. I want to homeschool so badly, but my husband is not on board. My children are only 2-1/2 & 6 months, so I have time before a decision must be made. I’m praying that this project will play a role in changing his mind (and others) and that he can truly see what it means to homeschool in America today. May your work in His kingdom be blessed abundantly!” Anonymous

“Tuesday night was amazing!! You and your husband were great speakers and are such amazing advocates for homeschool families!! I cannot wait to see the movie and purchase it on DVD to spread the word!” Allie (Georgia)

“As I started my homeschool journey I felt lost and overwhelmed. I am so excited to see this film help new families gain some insight and encouragement. I can’t wait to hear the testimonies of what this film will do for new families beginning their journey!” Christy (Georgia)

“I am thankful to have a documentary being made that sheds a positive light on what homeschooling really is. Homeschooling is counter cultural and Schoolhouse Rocked is going to educate the world on the realities of homeschooling as well as the benefits. I can’t wait to learn and apply information from the most influential leaders in homeschooling. I am so looking forward to this documentary!!!” Stefani (California)

“I can completely tell that the Lord has His hand on you as you guys are pursuing His will for these next steps in your documentary! What an incredibly cool experience and all to His honor and glory! Wow. I feel so fortunate to have met such a kind and passionate Jesus-loving homeschool advocate! The pleasure was all mine.” Jennifer (South Carolina)

“Schoolhouse Rocked is bringing a fresh and enlightening perspective to the stereotyped homeschooling community and encouragement to a weary mama to stay strong while homeschooling children through high school.” Audra (California)

“I’m so excited about Schoolhouse Rocked! Unlocking the mystery of homeschooling and making it transparent to everyone will bridge gaps on educational choices families make and make homeschool a more accessible option for more families.” Angela (Georgia)

“Thanks for joining us, we are honored to support you and your film. I am a major proponent for home schooling. This film will be so well received. Mothers and grandmothers across America are waiting for this, I can assure you. Best of luck.” Carole Dean, President www.FromTheHeartProductions.com

“I am really enjoying the podcast. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that one of them has been the best thing I’ve heard about homeschooling, until I hear the next one! You’ve introduced me to so many wonderful, encouraging people through the podcast.” Lindsay O.

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