There’s a revolution transforming American education, more than 2 million students strong, and it’s not happening in the classroom.

Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution is feature-length documentary, currently in production and coming to a theater near you. This timely film is intended to encourage and equip homeschool families to start strong and finish well. The movie follows host, Yvette Hampton as she travels the country with her family talking with education experts, curriculum developers, college and university faculty and administrators, and homeschooling families at every stage in the process, from kindergarten to college graduation and beyond. As viewers follow Yvette on this journey and share in her challenges and victories as a homeschool mom, they will gather the necessary resources and encouragement to homeschool their own children with excellence.

We need your help in completing this important film. Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to provide this great resource to families considering homeschooling for the first time, to moms struggling with feelings of inadequacy, working hard to balance family responsibilities and school time, and to students wondering if they are missing out by not attending public or private schools. Your contribution will help break down the resistance of reluctant family members and friends who don’t understand or support homeschooling, and will help to provide the tools needed to train up the next generation of leaders and world-changers.

It is our goal to empower homeschool families to better enjoy the benefits of homeschooling by clearly outlining the common challenges and then providing real-world advice and access to resources to overcome these challenges. In an effort to encourage the support of family and friends of homeschoolers, the movie will also dispel many myths that can lead to opposition to homeschooling. Finally, the movie will provide heart-felt encouragement from real people who have experienced the common struggles and blessings of homeschooling. We believe that by providing a realistic picture of the benefits, challenges, and real-world outcomes of homeschooling, by disseminating wise advice and valuable resources, and by offering heart-felt encouragement we can effectively carry out our mission.

Schoolhouse Rocked is not an anti-public school movie. It is not an anti-government, anti-vaccination, anti-classroom, anti-NEA, or anti-Department of Education movie. Schoolhouse Rocked is a PRO-HOMESCHOOLING MOVIE. We believe that the slow, steady decline of the public schools, coupled with a rising desire among parents to take control of their children’s education and training has lead to the explosive growth of the homeschool movement – The Homeschool Revolution. Schoolhouse Rocked seeks to be a leading force in the next wave of that revolution. Therefore, we want to provide valuable tools for current homeschoolers and encourage the next wave of families to join the revolution. Along with the film, will offer many hours of free content, including videos, articles, product reviews, and recommendations to equip the next generation of world changers. Additionally, Backstage Pass members will have access to many more hours of uncut interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive special features.


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing what you guys are doing [making Schoolhouse Rocked]. Thank you for your boldness, joy, and peace while striving to build this love of learning and encouragement to other parents who are homeschooling and wanting to homeschool!” Danielle (Montana)

“As I started my homeschool journey I felt lost and overwhelmed. I am so excited to see this film help new families gain some insight and encouragement. I can’t wait to hear the testimonies of what this film will do for new families beginning their journey!” Christy (Georgia)

“Schoolhouse Rocked is bringing a fresh and enlightening perspective to the stereotyped homeschooling community and encouragement to a weary mama to stay strong while homeschooling children through high school.” Audra (California)

“I’m so excited about Schoolhouse Rocked! Unlocking the mystery of homeschooling and making it transparent to everyone will bridge gaps on educational choices families make and make homeschool a more accessible option for more families.” Angela (Georgia)

“Thanks for joining us, we are honored to support you and your film. I am a major proponent for home schooling. This film will be so well received. Mothers and grandmothers across America are waiting for this, I can assure you. Best of luck.” Carole Dean, President

If you are excited about the film, please let us know. Get in touch with us here and tell us why you can’t wait for Schoolhouse Rocked. Better yet, make a tax-deductible donation now and leave us a note with your donation. We would love to hear your story.


Garritt Hampton – Director

Garritt is a movie industry veteran with credits on some of the biggest movies of the last decade, including Interstellar, Furious 7, TRON: Legacy, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and many more. Following several years of working as a motion control technician in Hollywood, Garritt made an abrupt shift and taught film at a Los Angeles area private school, while producing short documentary content for his church. His time teaching high school and middle school students deepened his love for education and his passion for the creative process. You can view Garritt’s credits on IMDB.

Yvette Hampton – Producer/Host

Yvette’s greatest enjoyment is being a wife and mom. She has been homeschooling since 2011 and is passionate about changing lives and families through homeschooling. She and Garritt have been married for 23 years and she thrives on interacting with people, especially young wives and moms who are in need of encouragement. Her organizational skills and ability to connect with people make her an excellent host and producer.


Connie Albers – Associate Producer

Connie is a respected speaker and author for NavPress who has served the homeschooling community for more than 27 years. In addition to homeschooling her five children, she has served as a director and board member for a large state homeschool organization and has been a Speaker Relations and Events Manager for Apologia Educational Ministries. 

Alexis Mathews – Communications Team Manager

Alexis founded Premier Executive Media as a media agency that provides marketing, content creation, graphic design, marketing support, and consulting to a variety of online businesses. Alexis and her husband homeschool their six children. 

John Robinson – Development Team Associate

John began his professional career on Music Row working with some of the most talented artists in country music. He has decades of hands-on experience in event and brand marketing, public relations, social media, sponsorships, and content creation. He and his wife homeschool their two children. 

Janie Gibson – Development Team Associate

Janie studied at Baylor University and has served in homeschool support group leadership for the past 15 years. She and her husband have homeschooled their five children for over 18 years.  

Rebekah McLeod – Communications

Rebekah is an author, musician and life coach who specializes in helping women clarify and achieve their business and creative goals. Rebekah has toured extensively as an independent gospel artist and is currently leading workshops for women through her company Epiphany Coaching and Workshops.

Rebekah and her husband, Ian, have four children and live in Savannah, Georgia.

Noelle Bye – Communications

Noelle Bye graduated from The Master’s University with a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Counseling. She has been homeschooling her 2 children for the past 8 years.


Bronze Oxen Films will enlist the services of experts, including a composer, colorist, assistant editor, post sound mixer, and a graphic artist to complete the post-production process on Schoolhouse Rocked.


To date, all of the necessary interviews for the film have been completed.

As a homeschooling family since 2011, the filmmakers have experienced many of the challenges and victories shared by homeschoolers across the country. Prior to this project, they had developed a sizable network of like-minded families and were deeply involved in their local homeschooling community. They invested significant time, effort, and resources to become steeped in homeschooling methods and philosophies, and through their years of attending homeschool conventions and their involvement in several homeschooling programs they had made the necessary connections to begin production. As production progressed and word spread about the movie, the filmmakers were welcomed and encouraged by many prominent leaders in the homeschooling movement. Additionally, homeschooling families across the country have welcomed the filmmakers into their homes and communities, which has enabled them to capture much of the necessary b-roll for the film.

CAST (Partial List)

In addition to several homeschool families across the United States, we have interviewed many of the leaders in the homeschool community, including:

J. Michael Smith, Esq. has served as president of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) since 2001. He has been defending homeschooling in court and before the legislature since 1983, when He and his wife Elizabeth, along with Michael Farris and his wife Vickie, founded HSLDA.

Dr. Carol M. Swain is a former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt and Princeton Universities. She is an engaging public speaker, political commentator, author, and homeschooling advocate who is passionate about empowering others to raise their voices in the public square.

Sam Sorbo is an actress, author, and homescholing advocate. She and her husband Kevin homeschool their three children. Her books, They’re Your Kids and Teach from Love are excellent resources for homeschooling families and parents intent on teaching their children Biblical values.

Andrew Pudewa is the director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing and a father of seven. Traveling and speaking around the world, he addresses issues related to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music with clarity, insight, practical experience, and humor.

Andrew Kern is the founder and president of the CiRCE Institute, the founding author of The Lost Tools of Writing, and co-author of the best-selling book Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America.

Christopher A. Perrin, PhD is the CEO/publisher at Classical Academic Press, and a national leader, author, and speaker for the renewal of classical education. He serves as a consultant to classical schools and is the director of the Alcuin Fellowship and the co-chair of the Society for Classical Learning.

Ken Ham is the president, CEO, and founder of Answers in Genesis-US, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter. His passion for apologetics and Biblical authority have made him one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America.

Heidi St. John is a highly sought-after conference speaker who has delighted tens of thousands of people through her books, podcast, blog, and social media posts. She is an outspoken homeschool advocate and homeschools her seven children.

Connie Albers is a respected speaker and author for NavPress who has served the homeschooling community for 27 years, as well as homeschooled her five children who are all graduates of the University of Central Florida. She has served as a director and board member for a large state homeschool organization, worked in the political arena as a senior strategist for a successful U.S. congressional campaign, and has been a speaker relations and events manager for Apologia Educational Ministries.

Bryan Osborne is a speaker and curriculum specialist at Answers in Genesis. He taught Bible history in a public school for 13 years and, for nearly 20 years, he has been teaching Christians to defend their faith.

Israel Wayne is the author of several books, a popular conference speaker, and Director of Family Renewal. He and his wife, Brook, are both homeschool graduates who homeschool their nine children. He has been a regular columnist for Home School Digest, Home School Enrichment and The Old Schoolhouse magazines.

Sarah Mackenzie is the best-selling author of Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace, creator and host of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, and a popular speaker at homeschool conventions across the country. Sarah homeschools her six children.

Rebecca Farris is the CEO of Home Educating Family Association. She inspires and supports thousands of homeschool moms each year through her speaking, talk show, daily planners, magazines, and online resources. Rebecca created and published Family Magazine in 2007, and is the author of The Well Planned Day, Family Homeschool Planner.

And many more!


Principal photography on Schoolhouse Rocked is approximately 95% complete. To date, we have shot all of the necessary interviews for the film. We have interviewed prominent leaders, speakers, authors and publishers, college and university professors and faculty, homeschooling moms, dads, and students at all stages in their journey, from kindergarten to graduation. Filming for the movie has taken place in Washington, Oregon, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Ohio. This has provided a very broad view of homeschooling across the United States and has allowed us to build a base of support in several different regions of the country. The filmmakers have shot the necessary travel sequences, including driving shots, airport and flying shots, and b-roll at the major locations.

We still have a few areas to cover in filming before the film is complete. Some additional b-roll and parts of Yvette’s narrative still need to be shot. These will be shot at practical locations, around Savannah, Georgia, and augmented with voice-over, b-roll, and stock footage to reduce production expense.


Theatrical Premier – Fathom Events

The producers are in discussions with Fathom Events, and are currently planning for a two night nationwide theatrical screening and live event. In coordination with Fathom Events, the producers have created a marketing budget to allow for a successful release. Additionally, Fathom Events has aligned the producers with a preferred marketing partner to handle the advertising campaign for Schoolhouse Rocked.

Previous faith-based documentaries, including Is Genesis History?, The Riot and The Dance, Unstoppable, and Monumental have been hugely successful with Fathom Events, and a large part of that success has been because of the engagement of the homeschool community. Once a film has been scheduled for a Fathom Event the company provides valuable marketing, including showing movie trailers in more than 885 theaters, and providing over 10,000,000 web and social media impressions.

Widespread Digital Distribution – Streaming and Download

Digital distribution of documentary films, through download and streaming, is quickly becoming the standard method for distribution. We plan to release Schoolhouse Rocked on all major digital distribution platforms (Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Pure Flix, RightNow Media, Google Play). The producers have budgeted for the initial cost to establish distribution on all of the major digital platforms. However, possible distribution contracts be negotiated, which would offset this cost.

Special Community  and Theatrical Screenings

While the producers of Schoolhouse Rocked are planning on a nationwide Fathom Event as the main theatrical release of the film, following release, special showings will be arranged at churches, homeschool groups, community organizations, and for promotional events. provides a simple and affordable solution for these limited theatrical engagements. charges no upfront fees, and offers access to over 90% of all the screens in the United States, including Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, AMC Theatres, Bow Tie Cinemas, Cinemark Theatres, Goodrich Quality Cinemas, Rave Cinemas, and Regal Cinemas (Ferrari) through a split of ticket sales.

DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Download

Schoolhouse Rocked will be available for purchase on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download through,, and select retail stores. Additionally, physical media will be distributed at homeschool conventions and will be made available through the distribution networks of our sponsors and marketing partners.


To date, production on Schoolhouse Rocked has been funded through an investment by the director, through corporate sponsorships, and through private donations from enthusiastic supporters. A development team is in place and fundraising is ongoing. The team is pursuing donations, grants, corporate sponsorships and marketing partnerships, and planning for an upcoming crowdfunding campaign. The following fundraising breakdown is an estimate and is subject to change. A significant portion of the P&A (prints and advertising) budget will be in-kind value, gained through strategic marketing partnerships with homeschool companies and homeschooling-friendly organizations. 

Self-Financing – $100,000
Grants – $35,000
Corporate Sponsorships and Marketing Partnerships – $500,000*
Crowdfunding and Private Donations – $250,000

Pre-sales and Content Subscriptions – $40,000
Funding to Date 
Private Donations – $5,720
Self-Financing – $100,000
Corporate Sponsorships – $110,000 funded*
*Cash and equivalent marketing value.

Budget Summary

Click here for a comprehensive line-item budget. 

For more information, the Schoolhouse Rocked Documentary Film Proposal offers an in-depth look at the story, financials, marketing, and distribution plan for Schoolhouse Rocked. Download it here.

Budget Notes

Documentary film production is a highly speculative industry and income estimates are not guaranteed. Film budgets are subject to change based on contingencies, contributor availability and location, delays, any necessary pick-ups or re-shoots, etc. We have accounted for contingencies and have made a concerted effort to budget and schedule realistically and conservatively, and we anticipate that the proportions of the budget will remain approximately the same.

The budget was prepared under advisement of Fathom Events and Collide Media Group, and was developed to facilitate a successful release through Fathom Events. While we believe this is a reasonable and achievable budget, the producers have developed a contingency budget and can complete the film in the event that the whole amount is not raised. A reduced budget would have negative impacts on the release date and marketing budget for the film, and may be offset by reductions in post-production spending, resulting in qualitative changes to the end product. However, it is the intent of the producers to complete the film to the highest standards, and to promote it for maximum sales potential, so budget restrictions would be managed to prioritize quality and marketing spend over time, resulting in a delayed release. Money raised, above the projected budget, would be used to increase the production value of the film and for additional promotion.