Marketing Partners

We want to thank our excellent Marketing Partners for helping to spread the word about Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution!


Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution is an exciting new documentary currently in post-production and word about the film is spreading fast. We are already engaging with a large and eager audience, but we need your help to spread the word! 

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A movie like Schoolhouse Rocked can’t be made without the support of the whole homeschool community and companies like yours. We are currently planning for a nationwide theatrical release through Fathom Events. A release this large takes a substantial marketing effort, but we are confident that with the enthusiasm of the homeschooling community and the influence of organizations like yours we will be able to get the word out and fill theaters.

Schoolhouse Rocked isn’t just preaching to the choir. It’s not just a pep rally for homeschool evangelists. The movie encourages frustrated and overwhelmed homeschool moms to keep going. It gives families practical resources to start well and finish strong. More importantly, it gives much needed encouragement and direction to families considering homeschooling – encouragement that they can do it, that homeschooling is good for families, good for students, and good for society. By influencing the next generation of homeschoolers, Schoolhouse Rocked will impact culture and the support you give will play a critical part in making that impact!

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