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Sam Sorbo on Homeschooling 1 – Apologetics Empowers Children

Sam Sorbo on Homeschooling 2 – You are perfectly capable!

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Sam Sorbo is a homeschool mom and author of They’re Your Kids and Teach from Love. She is also a talented actress who just co-wrote and produced her first film, Let There Be Light.

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Sam Sorbo on Homeschooling 1 – Apologetics Empowers Children

“If we believe in Judeo-Christian values and ethics we need to be bringing that into the culture, not removing it from the culture, and so we need to empower our children to be able to argue on behalf of their beliefs. We can’t just give them beliefs and say, ‘Believe it because I told you to.’, because the moment they hit 12 or 13 they’re gonna say, ‘why?’, and especially if they go and are told that their parents no longer have the authority. Especially, then, they’re gonna say, ‘why?’, and if the parents doesn’t… if the parent doesn’t come up with a good answer that child is lost and can be lost for a long time.” – Sam Sorbo

Sam Sorbo on Homeschooling 2 – You are perfectly capable!

“I was horrified, and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m… I’m completely failing my son. He’s not… he’s not being up to par.’ Right?
That’s our… that’s our big thing. ‘Is my child performing according to the standard?” You’re not inadequate. You are perfectly capable. I mean, what is it about a parent that when their child turns five, all of the sudden the parent’s no longer a viable option? Like, ‘Oh, you’re done. Now It’s the school’s turn.’ So it’s not that you’re turning things into learning, it’s that the whole world becomes learning… and I just… I fell in love with my kids again.” – Sam Sorbo