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In filming for Schoolhouse Rocked we have had the privilege of interviewing many homeschooling families at every stage from kindergarten to college It is always a privilege to be encouraged by their stories of successes and to share in their struggles.

Biblical Parenting

Garritt Hampton

Ginger Hubbard is an encouragement to me and thousands of other homeschool moms as she speaks at conventions all across the country on the topic of biblical parenting. She is the author…

You Can Homeschool Multiple Ages

Garritt Hampton

“I feel like we have always homeschooled since we became parents because I believe that homeschooling starts at birth. I don’t think homeschooling begins with a formal curriculum. In that sense, we…

The Who, Why, and How of Homeschooling

Garritt Hampton

  In this special roundtable discussion, Karen DeBeus, Aby Rinella, and Yvette Hampton talk about ‘Who’, ‘Why’, and ‘How’ of Homeschooling. Yvette Hampton:               I am so excited to be here with you…

Homeschooling and Adoption

Garritt Hampton

Yvette Hampton: Jessica is a homeschooling mom of two and the founder of, which offers hope to the abortion-minded by offering them the love of Jesus Christ and support to make…