Janice Campbell’s Everyday Education

We’re excited to announce that Janice Campbell’s Everyday Education has come on as a marketing partner.
Since 2001, Everyday Education has been helping families discover a twaddle-free, active learning approach influenced by Charlotte Mason and classical learning. It all began with Janice Campbell’s love for learning and deep conviction that it was essential to teach students in ways that would preserve the joy of learning and cultivate a love for what is good, true, and beautiful.
At Everyday Education, you will find resources such as Excellence in Literature, a self-directed, college-prep classic literature curriculum that helps you teach great books to teens even if you don’t know Virginia Woolf from Beowulf; Transcripts Made Easy, Get a Jump Start on College, the 1857 McGuffey Readers, Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting, Charlotte Mason resources, Peaceful Planning booklets, and more.
We had a great time interviewing Janice last year in Greenville, South Carolina at the Great Homeschool Convention. You will be blessed by her insights.