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Schoolhouse Rocked Official Trailer #3, “Rest”

Our mission is to ecourage and equip homeschool families. To that end, we want to provide great resources to help homeschooling families succeed – to start strong and finish well. In filming for Schoolhouse Rocked we have shot over 90 hours of great interviews with leaders in the homeschooling movement. We have interviewed specialists and experts in classical education, Charlotte Mason, lifeschooling, science, writing, Teaching from Rest, special needs, giftedness, and so many more areas. In addition to the feature-length documentary, Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution, it is our intention to make the bulk of that video available, for free, to build up the homeschooling community, to provide much needed encouragement and direction, to break down misconceptions about homeschooling, and to demonstrate the great benefits of home education.

This video will take several forms, some live, some pre-recorded, some short, and some long, some carefully edited, and some raw – all intended to build up – to encourage and equip. Here is some of that video.

Sam Sorbo – My Classical Conversations Story

Sam Sorbo is a homeschool mom and author of They’re Your Kids and Teach from Love. She is also a talented actress who just co-wrote and produced her first film, Let There Be Light.

In this video Sam tells about why she loves homeschooling and Classical Conversations, and shares some of her experiences as a CC mom and tutor.

Andrew Kern is the founder of the CiRCE Institute. We met with Mr. Kern in Greenville, South Carolina, during last year’s Southeastern Great Homeschool Convention. His insights into classical education, education philosophy, rest, wisdom and virtue, and Christian intellect were incredibly valuable, and did much to influence our own homeschooling practices.

Andrew Kern on Classical Education, Part 1

In this 2-part video, Andrew Kern​, founder and president of the CiRCE Institute​ talks about the heart of classical Christian education. The core of this video is a much needed encouragement to focus on what’s truly important in education, namely cultivating wisdom and virtue in our children through the pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful.

When we started interviewing for Schoolhouse Rocked, we had a few preconceptions about what we thought would be covered by the education experts we would talk to. We were surprised, early on, that none were placing a heavy emphasis on curriculum, systems, or methods. We were surprised, then amused, then convinced, then validated, when expert after expert and homeschool veteran after homeschool veteran would talk about simplifying and distilling homeschooling down to the truly important things. Wisdom and virtue, truth, goodness, and beauty, knowing God and making him known – these continue to be hailed as the “important things”. Mr. Kern sums these ideas up perfectly in a single Biblical quote, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Hopefully, this is an encouragement to you, as you struggle to prioritize and schedule, plan and execute – to maintain balance.

Andrew Kern on Classical Education, Part 2

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