Prayers and help urgently needed.

Last Monday, Garritt was racing down the sidewalk with our daughter, Lacey, when he fell and broke his elbow really seriously. After a full week of extreme pain and very little sleep, today he had surgery to have his elbow replaced. As you can imagine, this has meant a ton of stress and exhaustion for our whole family, and he is just starting the recovery process now.

This injury has already meant a canceled trip to show the film to a large group and to attend NRB (the National Religious Broadcasters Association) convention for a bunch of very important interviews. Additionally, it has made keeping up with the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast and other critical work impossible. In addition to your prayers, we need your help. So much of what we do each week revolves around promoting Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution to a world that desperately needs this timely film. You can do this so much better than we can!

For the next few weeks, please do everything you can to get the word out about the film. Share the website, , everywhere you can. This is where you can see the trailer, buy the DVD, and stream the film – along with listening to the podcast and downloading the free Homeschool Survival Kit. And if you haven’t already seen it buy two copies of the DVD. I promise you will want one for yourself and one (or more) to loan out to friends and family.

We’re counting on you. Be creative and totally show us up.

Soli Deo gloria!