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A film like Schoolhouse Rocked can’t be made without the support of the homeschool community and companies like yours! Every sponsor will be provided with exceptional value and will benefit from the widespread exposure gained from a nation-wide theatrical marketing campaign. Sponsors receive all of the same benefits as our Marketing Partners, including listings in the Schoolhouse Rocked Homeschool Quick-Start Guide and Recommended Resources Directory, sponsored blog posts on SchoolhouseRocked.com, and discounted pricing on Schoolhouse Rocked DVDs and Blu-ray disks. Additionally, sponsors receive the following:Schoolhouse Rocked is the first movie of its kind and word about the film is spreading rapidly. We are already engaging with a large and eager audience as we move through production toward release. While sponsors will benefit from the widespread exposure gained from a national marketing campaign, the real benefit of supporting this film will come over the next several years. You see, Schoolhouse Rocked isn’t just preaching to the choir. It’s not just a pep rally for homeschool evangelists. The movie encourages frustrated and overwhelmed homeschool moms to keep going. It gives families practical resources to start well and finish strong. More importantly, it gives much-needed encouragement and direction to families considering homeschooling – encouragement that they can do it, that homeschooling is good for families, good for students, and good for society, which will bring short and long-term growth in the homeschooling community.

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Please pray that God will be glorified through Schoolhouse Rocked. Pray that families will be strengthened and that the film will be an encouragement and valuable resource to homeschooling families who are training up the next generation of leaders and world changers. Pray that God would give the filmmakers wisdom and guidance as they work to finish the film, and that he would empower them through the Holy Spirit to obey and honor him as they live and work. Pray that he would bring together a team of Godly people to finish and promote the film with excellence.


Producing a film like Schoolhouse Rocked is an expensive and time-consuming process. This film would not be possible without the support of our excellent sponsors. However, we know that not every company is capable of supporting Schoolhouse Rocked financially. There are several opportunities to benefit from a marketing partnership with Schoolhouse Rocked and to promote the film through your mailing list, website, radio or television show, podcast, or social media accounts. Marketing partners receive many of the same benefits as sponsors. Visit https://SchoolhouseRocked.com/marketing-partners/ for more information


Your donation will allow us to provide this important resource to families considering homeschooling for the first time, to moms struggling with feelings of inadequacy and working hard to balance family responsibilities and school time, and to students wondering if they are missing out by not attending public or private schools. Your contribution will help break down the resistance of reluctant family members and friends who don’t understand or support homeschooling, and will help to provide the tools homeschool families need to train up the next generation of leaders and world-changers! Click here to donate.


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