praying for your homeschool

Praying for your Homeschool

praying for your homeschool

Why pray for your homeschool? It is one of the most important acts that we could do in order to be able to have a successful homeschooling life. There are so many reasons to pray. From the impact that it has on you as the parent and then the impact that it has for your children. What are these reasons? Here are some for you to consider.

1. We will not have the strength to move on.

Without  praying for our homeschool our children and ourselves will not have the strength that is needed to move on. We will not be able to move on with learning and teaching which in the end will make the learning experience end as unhelpful.

2. It will help us better plan what to do for lessons.

When praying we are able to pray for what would work better for our children in what they are learning. This something that is important. After all we are here to teach our children what they need to know and what God wants them to know. Without praying about what to teach them we wont fully know what will suit them best.

3. Over what curriculum will be right to pick.

Along with planning out lessons for our children. Praying for the right curriculum is important. Without praying for their curriculum there is a chance of not finding what is right for them. Instead we are going to be constantly going through a bunch of different curriculum that will not work for them. Praying for the right curriculum and really paying attention to it will bring a much outcome for their education.

4. That we will focus on our relationships with our children.

Praying for our relationships with our children will help strengthen them. It will also help us encourage them and help us remember when they need us as a teacher or whether they need us as just their parents. Praying for that discernment will make us more successful together and will make a better life for our children.

5. That you will teach in the name of Jesus.

Wow a big one! Teaching in the name of Jesus will be the right place to be. It will provide you with the right knowledge to teach your children. It will help them learn easier and will help that relationship needed to move on with your homeschool journey.

If you don’t already pray for your homeschool I encourage you to start doing that today. Praying for your homeschool will help you all in the end making it a better success!

Written by Catherine Creigj from The Life of a Crafty Homeschool Mom