What is the Missions Budget Challenge?

Pastors, churches, Christians, Elders, Bride of Christ, what is the Missions Budget Challenge?


“Consider how much your church is spending on foreign missions. Now consider how much you are spending to enable the children in your church to have a Christian education at home. How does it stack up?”

My conviction and challenge for you is every church should put AT LEAST as high a priority on the mission field of the children in the church as they do on faraway tribes.

Well over 80 percent of the kids in Christian churches still go to government schools to be educated in the religions of Secular Humanism and Marxist Statism.

No matter how faithful Christian adults are in the church, if the next generation is being trained by the state to be secular humanists, the church dies in a generation – and this is exactly what we are seeing.

Pastors, I challenge you. Watch Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution tonight. It’s free to stream the film. Email us tomorrow. We’ll help you get started.

This is the REVIVAL!

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